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Laser Therapy FAQ Q&A

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Q: Is there a market for the use of this device?

Q: Will the ML830 be profitable for my practice?

Q: Does insurance cover therapy?

Q: How many visits are needed?

Q: When do patient notice improvements?

Q: Are there any side effects?

Q: How does the ML830 compare to other devices?

Q: What is the definition of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Q: What does the ML830 do, its biological effect?

Q: What is the key effect LLLT has on the cell?

Q: What does the ML830 treat?

Q. What are the most common laser types in LLLT?

Q. What is a joule?

Q. What is the wavelength of the ML830?

Q. What is the power level of the ML830?

Q. Why not use Class IV?

Q: Do you have anything on Nogier frequencies and or any more papers on penetration?

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