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Laser Therapy Research for Plantar Fasciitis

The Use of Microlight Laser Therapy to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

B. Glinsky, L. Monthieth, J. Murphy, D. Underkofler-Mercer
From the Department of Logan Research, Logan University, Chesterfield, MO, USA

Abstract Purpose:The purpose of this study was to attempt to find evidence that Microlight Laser therapy treatment will have a direct effect on pain management and a reduction in the inflammation assosciated with plantar fasciitis through an increase in the cellular metabolism rate.

Methods: The study consisted of seven total subjects including one drop-out subject, five completed test subjects and one control subject suffering from plantar fascitis who were treated with low level laser thearpy. The subjects were treated with 830 nm wavelength with a mean power output of 90 mW. "Before" and "After" symptom survey forms were completed by each subject as well as "Before" and "After" measurements of ankle dorsiflexion on the affected foot/feet. Treatment was directed at four locations on the plantar surface of the foot at the origin and insertion of the plantar fascia. Treatment was administered three times a week for two weeks.

Results: Overall there was an average increase of ankle dorsiflexion by 11%. Every subject reported an improvement in pain perception on the visual analog pain scale with an average improvement of 51%.

Conclusions: Microlight laser therapy proved to have an effect on pain associated with plantar fascitis. Howerver, this laser therapy appears to be more beneficial to acute cases or periods of acute inflammation. Chronic cases showed minimal short-term improvement which may be due to the fact that after one year the plantar fascia will become scarred over, making it much more difficult to treat and manage than acute cases.

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