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Laser Therapy Research for Sciatica Pain

Laser Therapy Treatment for Sciatica using the ML830 Laser

By George S. Pellegrino, LMT, CMTPT, RMTI and Victoria L. Magown, CMTPT, LMT, RMTI

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Low Level Laser Therapy, at 830 nm, for Pain Reduction in Experimental Model of Rats with Sciatica

Gladson Ricardo Flor Bertolini; Elisangela Lourdes Artifon; Taciane Stein da Silva; Daniela Martins Cunha; Priscila Regina Vigo
Injury and Physiotherapeutic Resource Study Laboratory, Western ParanĂ¡ State University (UNIOESTE), Cascavel PR - Brazil

Arq Neuropsiquiatr. 2011;69(2B):356-9. [PMID: 21625765]

Abstract: Chronic pain, resulting from nerve compression, is a common clinical presentation. One means of conservative treatment is low-level laser therapy, although controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of two doses of low-level laser, at 830 nm, on pain reduction in animals subjected to sciatica. Eighteen rats were used, divided into three groups: GS (n=6), sciatica and simulated treatment; G4J (n=6), sciatica and treatment with 4 J/cm2; and G8J (n=6), sciatica and irradiation with 8 J/cm2. The right sciatic nerve was exposed and compressed using catgut thread. Five days of treatment were started on the third postoperative day. Pain was assessed by means of the paw elevation time during gait: before sciatica, before and after the first and second therapies, and the end of the fifth therapy. Low-level laser was effective in reducing the painful condition.

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