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Laser Therapy Research for Vertigo

The Treatment of Dizziness and Vertigo with Low Reactive Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): A Case Report and a Historical Review of Patients Presenting at the Ohshiro Clinic

Shunji Fujii MD, Toshio Ohshiro MD PhD, Takafumi Ohshiro MD, Katsumi Sasaki MD, Yuki Taniguchi MD
Ohshiro Clinic, Tokyo Japan
Japan Medical Laser Laboratory, Tokyo Japan

Abstract: Dizziness is a fairly common ailment. Symptoms among patients range from slight occasional discomfort to complete debilitation due to nausea and vomiting and deterioration of the affected patient's activities of daily living (ADL). Treatment of dizziness varies according to its etiology, but is mostly pharmacological. The authors present a case where Low Reactive Level Laser Thearpy (LLLT) applied in the Proximal Priority Technique (PPT) was effective in controlling dizziness in a patient suffering from severe spells which occurred several times a week and which caused nausea and vomitint. The authors also retrospectively examine patient records in the Ohshiro Clinic. A total of 11 patients, includeing the patient in the present case report, report, have been treated for some form of dizziness, and the efficacy of LLLT for the treatment of dizziness is discussed.

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